Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is hacked???

Time of incident: about 10:30 PM EST
Date: September 8th 2009

My SSN and other sensitive information are compromised over internet. This problem happened when I tried to access website to pay my credit card bill. Following is step-by-step sequence of events:

1. I typed in on my laptop/MS internet explorer.

2. Entered login id and password for my account on website

3. Next page gave a form to fill up that read "To continue, please enter the information below to help us verify your identity." The webpage asked me to enter following information:
a) First name
b) Last name
c) Date of birth
d) SSN
e) Mother's maiden name
f) Card number
g) Card expiration date
h) Card CVV2
i) ATM Pin URL: Screen Shot:

4) I got suspicious about the webpage since should not ask all of this details so I closed the window and open a new one

5) On the new window I repeated step 2 and 3 and got the same web page. So I believed on the website and ENETERED ALL THE INFORMATION ASKED ABOVE
6) Next webpage asked me to enter my email id and email password. Then I got sure that chase can not ask email id and password. But that was too late as I have already given all the information. :(

Next I contacted chase over the phone and they confirmed that the information asked on the webpage is never asked by the bank. I provided screen print and URL to them on .

Bank's stand is that their website is safe and not hacked. They claim my computer may have virus for this phishing. However I have antivirus running all the time and my internet connection is secure.

I can now go to and pay my bills etc on the same computer and it does not give the same phishing web page.

I am concerned that my identity is compromised and if is hacked then millions of others are also at risk.

I have also contacted IC3 which is the govt agency for internet fraud complains.